Electro Erosion

The EDM is an advanced technology that, through the use of current, allows to perform complicated machining such as the removal of material, which is passed on through the same electric action. The EDM can be used only on metal materials, which compared to other materials is sensitive to electric current.

EDM, how it works

The process of electrical discharge machining is based on processing of particularly hard materials, expecially when they have a heating treatment such as hardening or tempering. The high precision of cutting also with high thickness of hardened materials permit to obtain complex shapes of punches and matrixes. The EDM ensures, in all cases, the maximum precision of intervention, greatly reducing the possibility of errors.

Wire EDM and die sinking EDM. You Need to Know

With the wire EDM the metal piece is cut through the electrical discharge, which passes right by this wire which acts as conductor. The wire is made from good quality copper, in order to obtain the maximum conductivity, and brass coated to improve their conductive capacity. During the processing phases is often changed due to its expansion, caused by the passage of current.

The EDM die sinking machine uses a different technology of EDM: an electrode immersed in a dielectric fluid, distilled water, mineral oil, deionized water, acts a current at regular intervals penetrating little by little in the piece removing material and at the same time by creating the role to be assumed by the piece finished processing. It is used expecially in costruction of tools for plastic components.


Wire EDM