Metal Sheet Dies

Costamp specializes in the construction of normal shearing molds, drawing, transfer, progressive, with sectors, bending and deep drawing, made of steel and carbide. It has achieved brilliant results with a product that comes from the balance between the new design and manufacturing technologies and the expertise and experience of the staff. The sheet metal molds are designed and manufactured in the shortest possible time.

Sheet metal molds, made with the best technologies

Sheet metal molds, made with the best technologies The machining of metals and construction of molds with a production that care everything in detail, in fact Costamp uses a fleet constantly renewed with technologies such as mechanical presses from 80 to 220 ton with power supply, furnaces 600x300x400 heat treatment, welding bench flush / TiN / electrode and lathe displayed. The metal molds are produced with the utmost respect of the regulations in force.

Sheet processing with specific molds

Fill out the form in the “Contact” page or call Costamp to request a quote on the specific work you want to do. Remember, only with Costamp you can have the best of sheet metal processing and molds.