Waterjet: a new way to cut.

In recent years it is spreading the waterjet, the innovative abrasive cutting system with pure water to cut through the metal jet at a very high water pressure. This cutting system has a wide variety of applications, from metals to the tiles, from paper to glass packaging and more. The Waterjet has certainly revolutionized the understanding of metalworking.

Waterjet, a right alternative for metals.

The waterjet is considered a viable alternative to more traditional methods of metal cutting: it is able to work with greater material thickness than the laser size and in a more precise way respect to the plasma technique. These advantages are not escaped to Costamp and for years takes advantages from this innovative technology.

Waterjet Benefits

Costamp is constantly looking for perfection, and in the processing stages uses the waterjet because there are no deformation of the material due to heat, no hardening of the material along the cutting edge, no heating surface and no development of smoke or steam pathogens. Waterjet, a big step forward.